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luxury Jewelry

luxury Jewelry

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Amazing, I had messaged her with a short window and she helped my dreams come true for the perfect wedding earrings.

These were not originally listed in the shop, but I reached out to see if she by chance had any smaller studs. Without hesitation, she made a custom order, sent pics for consideration, and then hand delivered to my house! Amazing (and very timely) service, and super cute, simple stud earrings! Thank you!!!

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I cannot get over the gorgeousness of these earrings. I haven’t even put them on yet and they’re already at the top of my list of my favorite earrings. Also, it must be said that the customer service I experienced was stellar. I don’t think I’ve dealt with such a sweet and caring person behind an Etsy shop. Thank you, Katherine! Looking forward to more purchases!

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What is Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a sculptable plastic version of clay. Unlike kiln-fired clay, polymer clay hardens in a household ovan. Polymer clay is extremely lightweight making it the perfect medium to bring you statement pieces without
the pain.

Will you be in my City?

I am always traveling. If you would like to schedule an in person Designer Meet and Greet please reach out to schedule a zoom consultation to discuss your ideal client and come up with pieces that will cater to your brides.

How should I care for my jewelry?

Be sure to store your jewelry carefully away from humidity,
direct sunlight, and other metal pieces that might scratch the softer surfaces of polymer clay. Please remember that pearls and other delicate gold-filled parts can be damaged by rough handling, storing jewelry in its intended packaging will keep pieces protected. 

Gold-filled metals contain a minimum of 5% gold (100 times more than gold plated!) which is
bonded to a core of high quality jeweler's brass. This means that it is more compatible with sensitive ears, and resistant to tarnish. Gold-filled jewelry can easily be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth (sunshine cloth). Take care of makeup or dirt buildup on clay and other materials with a gentle swipe from a soft cotton pad and a bit of rubbing alcohol.

Many of our solid metal pieces are raw yellow bronze or brass, which are durable, affordable, attractive gold-colored alloys containing mostly copper. This means that for certain people, bronze/brass has the potential to cause greenish black discoloration when it reacts with the acid levels of the skin, creating tarnish. This depends entirely on individual body chemistry and is not the result of any defect or quality issue — it is simply the nature of solid bronze
and brass! If you are someone whose skin reacts to easily tarnish these metals, you can paint the inside of your ring with a thin coat of clear nail varnish to
reduce the discoloring effect, and make sure to remove your jewelry before
showering or exercising.